Search and Social Rank Symposium 3

Search and Social Rank Symposium The third Search and Social Symposium entertained over sixty people with great ideas they can each use in their own marketing campaigns. The event happened in The Boiler House restaurant inside the Distillery District in Toronto on April 16th, 2012. It was a very social information download accompanied by cold beer and spaghetti with meatballs.

The highest point of the evening was almost certainly at the end when Brad Gosse debuted his new book Chronic Marketer and used the opportunity to showcase some of the secrets inside. The book is set to launch Friday April 20th 2012 at 4:20 pm in his online store.

As advertised, the public really does have an insatiable curiosity for expert insight into the weird science at the intersection of social media marketing and search engine optimization, as well as a strong appetite for spaghetti with meat balls.

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Three Presentations and resulting discussions explored some of the strategies of social selling, Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising versus digital storytelling / organic link building for top rankings on SERPs – the kind of marketing done by Smojoe social media marketing in Toronto that fuses SEO and SMM together into powerful story funnels. The snapping and crackling waterfall of liquid electricity came primarily from the three featured speakers Brad Gosse, Rob Campbell, and Alex Blom seen below.

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Search and Social Rank Symposiums are great melting pots and full of exciting people from all different backgrounds. Some folks are marketing managers who work for agencies or media institutions, while others like Sheamus MacLean are professionals or business owners looking for more customers .

Rob Campbell was a skilled Master of Ceremonies taking a few minutes before the presentations got started to introduce the subject of the upcoming discussions and try to identify places where search engine algorithms have already skewed social – like the share buttons you see everywhere now… they help improve on-page SEO. Another great example he shared was more evidence of the simple miracle of having a WordPress blog on your website and how that is also a great help to SEO. By outlining some of the weird science in advance, Rob shaped the premise of the event and laid out the proper tip-sharing tone of the evening. Follow him on Twitter @Roberrific

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Alex Blom went first, and tried not to scare people as he described how easily he could research their shopping habits and target them as customers. But his information is quite cerebral. Alex spoke about how large social networks can mine their data and make accurate assumptions about users in order to better target these members with relevant content and advertising. He did share some insights into LinkedIN and how users can pay to spam the network with messages for lead generation. Australian born Alex Blom is the CEO of SalesChoice a sales management company providing detailed analytics to Fortune 500 companies. You can read all about the young man on his blog , and follow his adventures on Twitter @AlexBlom

Story Funnels to Buckstops by Smojoe fuses Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Rob Campbell returned as the second speaker and put his one and only slide on the screen. he spoke about the emerging economy of relevance and how Google is the ultimate arbiter of relevance as manifest in the PageRank website measuring system.Rob Campbell shows how to make media with Story Funnels to Buckstops at Search and Social Rank Syumposium

Rob showed how he builds media from the top down starting with original pictures in photo hosting programs that are embedded into rich media articles, blog and discussion forums, and bookmarked on Digg, and StumbleUpon etc  He got quite a few laughs when he outlined the proper use for Facebook and Twitter as… ‘ketchup and mustard on his keyword sandwiches’. His process targets humans to make media more important, so the robots will come along later and index it higher. By spider-webbing his media together, Rob can make the strongest articles share their relevance with the weaker posts and help ennoble the whole assembly with ‘usability’ which, as he outlined at the beginning of his presentation, is the newest and most important of the the ‘four pillars of PageRank’.

Rob Campbell and Brad Gosse take two different approaches to online advertising, Rob favours organic rankings, while Brad is a Google AdWords PPC man.

In contrast to Rob’s presentation, Brad Gosse started his talk by generally dismissing search engine optimization as futile and unnecessary! He favours Google AdWords PPC;  he admitted that while he once paid a lot of attention to SEO (he spoke about how his XXX business was once ranked #1 on Google for the word ‘porn’ which brought 250K visits a day) he has since found the search algorithm is too slippery to manage, while Google PPC delivers a steady return on investment. @BradGosse

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Brad Gosse is the author Chronic Marketer which hits book shelves on Friday April 20th at 4:20 pm. The book is subtitled,  ‘Confessions of a Half Baked but Highly Paid Internet Marketer’ and that could also be substituted as a summary for his presentation. It was also slightly auto biographical as it displayed the timeline of Brad’s evolution starting from the point where he turned his back on clients and bosses to start selling his own digital digital product downloads. He’s never looked back, except when giving presentations.

Brad Gosse proved himself as an expert on product creation and website monetization. He has over 300 products for sale online and treats each one like a mini project which he obsesses over and hustles to get it done and then relaxes and lives his life once its up for sale in his store.  Needless to say his life grows more and more comfortable as his profits escalate with every new release. His book will be the best product yet!  Brad specializes in video branding, business development, internet marketing, software development and he has a strong passion for online advertising in general.

Below is Alison Preiss and Sandra Meret. Alison distinguished herself at the end of the night when she won a copy of Brad’s book as a ‘door prize’ by suggesting that he send a hardcover edition to Kevin Smith for review on his podcast. Alison Preiss is the author of Scribbled Down foodie, lifestyle blog, and she can be found on Twitter @AlisonPreiss

Search and Social Rank Symposium

Special thanks to Deb Lewis of Toronto City Events and her skilled team of recruits. What a great team of worker bees. And thanks to everyone who came out on Monday night. See you at the next one!

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