Owning the first page by being social

When optimizing your web presence, local or otherwise, you need to include claiming and creating Internet profiles on all of the popular social networks. That way, whenever potential customers search, surf, and socialize online, they will be able to find you. As Google Plus expands (recently adding games), this new social network continues to rival Facebook (which still has more users). But as each site continues to add similar features, like video chat and other social signifiers like “+1″ and “Like” buttons, the sites still remain slightly different from one another. Here’s a handy infographic from SingleGrain that compares the two networks features side-by-side.
Facebook Vs Google +

(View the original here)

As part of your web optimization strategy, you should have a Facebook Business page. Although Google Plus has not yet released official business pages yet, you should still be promoting your business on your personal Google Plus profile. Not unlike process manufacturing, or lean manufacturing, you need to have a system for maintaining your grip on your business’ search and social rank.

TIP: The more active your social presence is, the more likely you are to reach page one search results and engage more customers.

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