The Pageone program’s secret weapon of mass seduction.

The power of PAGEONE begins with our own specialized serial photo contest website on which your business can sponsor a themed challenge related to your market – for example ‘Classic Buildings’ for an architectural firm.

People upload photos and compete for prizes while commenting and sharing their pictures for votes. Engagement is high! And because of the way people share their pictures and request votes, each photo acquires one or two incoming links. The overall usability of your photo contest attraction builds real value, and this increases your URL’s authority as the only outgoing link from your photo contest page.

The user submitted content and contest media storytelling that occurs around these original photos magnifies your organization’s search and social rank. This creates a wealth of quality followers, which, according to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s search quality and web spam team, is an important aspect of the data Google uses to determine ranking.

How the power behind the Pageone program works.

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