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Google search engine social media guaranteed seo listings The Page One Program is a state of mind, as much as it is a website, or web service offering page one of Google rankings for client URLs under busy keyword search terms.

This science is imprecise and ever changing; you cannot build a house on the shifting sands of the Google search algorithm, but you can build an organization committed to studying the math and reporting empiric results. Together we look for anomalies, trends and successful patterns. This is not a new idea, but our association of blogs and bloggers and discussion forum managers and online magazine editors have come to a higher understanding – its all just a state of mind, because in the age of earned media you must deserve page one rankings.

The Economy of Relevance -  A new age of information handling has begun; behold the dawn of the economy of relevance which sees the rise of reputation arbiters.

the age of earned media, dumpdiggers search engine traffic

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Look here at my Dumpdiggers blog search traffic over long tail. See how one specific post Find Rare Coins in Pocket Change became 3x more successful than every other post because of quality of information (there was no promotion). We coming together as a technocratic society, and we recognize that there is simply too much data, and now more than ever a search for experts, or trust agents drives the web.  Facebook grades data based on friends and serves relevance across the largest social network. Bookmarking sites, image search engines, small independent contextual search engines, and Bing etc and even multi platform search engines like exist and are emerging to offer new ways to sort and serve relevant data and establish top ten quality results for keyword queries.  But Google is just getting bigger and better as it now grades our data with Google Plus and is leading the shift into a more and increasingly democratic filtering of results.

Rob Campbell CEO of Lenzr blogs with Siera Bearchell Miss Teen Canada - World 2011Google search is part of my social media experience. esp when searching for experts.

There are many and varied search engine friendly ways to promote your website in social networks, and these do not have to appear promotional, but MUST yield quality original information or at the very least some original thoughts. Original pictures?

The secret is recognize that there are no short-cuts and to build maintain a great destination for specific search terms, and that doesn’t just mean making pages full of mindless keyword rich text either. It means delivering satisfaction, having and always improving usability and conversion while building and promoting a business reputation.  You have to be in a Page One state of mind to think, build and promote your business to Top Ten search results for busy keywords.  This blog will offer insights into some of our best case studies.

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Son of a beekeeper, I write the sweet stuff.
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