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Our clients want to be found! And they want to be found for search terms that are relevant to their business. Some clients come to us with fabulous web sites. They have good PageRank and incredibly social identities with rich highly shareable content. However the reality is, a great deal of our clients come to us with very little knowledge of how or why their web site works or doesn’t work. They’re not interested in sifting through mind-numbing spreadsheets of keywords, or learning how to optimize their web site for their top keywords or phrases. And most are unwilling to learn. They simply want to run their business. So having an SEO service that is fun, engaging, and guaranteed to work is right up their alley.

ShaSha Bread Healthy SnacksThe PageOne Program has helped dozens of businesses, small, medium, and large, tell their stories through our proprietary online story telling service. One of our recent successes is an organic bakery called Shasha Bread Co. Shasha is well known for their heart shaped organic cookies and sour dough breads and have recently expanded to include a line of healthy snacks made from raw buckwheat, which are prebiotic, probiotic, and high in fibre. Their challenge was whether to use traditional media to create buzz and awareness for their new product and keep their fingers crossed. Or, consider using a service that starts conversations, builds social relevance, and delivers search engine rank and optimization in an intelligent, interactive way, delivering eyeballs to their web site over and over again. It was a no brainer. Now, thanks to the PageOne Program, Shasha Bread enjoys the benefits of page one Google natural search results.

Google your business’ keywords. Not on page one? We’ll put you there.

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