Free Wisdom at 2012 PodCamp Toronto

I finally made it out to PodCamp on Saturday, now in its sixth year.  The place is full of smart, original people. The 2012 PodCamp Toronto is Canada’s largest single event about social media, and it is organized for the participants, by the participants. I was there on Saturday Feb 25th 2012, from 2pm to party time.

Here’s a great example of what the place is like – look here, Robin Macrae is a well known consultant and author of Workspace Builders shares valuable tips and tricks to managing content using categories and keyword tags. Writing good content is one thing, but organizing your blog posts for humans and robots is essential in the quest for findability. Robin is a local thought leader; all of the organizers are members of the Toronto social media / web marketing community. These folks have come together here on a volunteer basis to create the over-all infrastructure that allows the entire community to pitch in and help create the experience.

the organizers are all members of Toronto social media communityOver 1,000 people registered for PodCamp Toronto but that doesnt mean much because it was a free event – the sessions were all full however, and some rooms, like the one on Pinterest, was full to capacity with people listening at the door – im not kidding.

The first session I attended was Saleem Khan How To Talk to Journalists, which was valuable for PR students and ENG technicians and anybody seeking media attention for their projects.

How to Talk to Journalists: Pixels, airtime and ink by Saleem Khan was shaped to answer the most common question he’s asked by startup entrepreneurs, investors, PR and marketing professionals, corporate executives and others – it boils down to this: How do I get a journalist’s attention and convince them to cover my project or people?

Saleem Khan, how to speak to JournalistsSaleem shared his insights into how to get a journalist to respond to your pitch; Secrets of a good interview; How to avoid or deal with a bad, hard, negative or damaging interview or story; Ways to avoid being a one-hit wonder; How to put yourself at the top of a journalist’s call list; and more.  Saleem Khan is a very soft spoken guy and not an amazing presenter, yet full of good knowledge.

Jeff Waldman is a smart guy too. His session focused on defining the relationship between social media personalities and their employers.

I was in the same room an hour later with Jim S. Pagiamtzis

Blogging Your Way To Success, Saturday 3:45 pm in RCC-229

Jim Pagiamtzis shared his session with Rob Campbell of Smojoe social media for SEO. Jim and Rob shared insights and experience on how to write and promote an effective blog.

Promod Sharma is a star at building trust.  I trust him completely now, after talking to him for 30 minutes.

John Leschinski of Leschinski Design is a fixture at PodCamp and very supportive of all speakers and topics. He is the genius who built the website that lets everyone interact and come together with such synergy. Bravo.



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